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I now move deeply within to reconnect with my soul’s purpose in this lifetime ~ Steve Johnson of the Alaskan Essences

Ladies Tresses
a flower essences from the Alaskan Essences

This is the flower I was drawn to use for my logo.   A good friend and homeopath, Patricia Gidney painted my logo from this picture.

I believe flower essences are the most powerful medium for facilitating change.  They are the essence of energy.  Healthy life is about flow.  There is nothing in nature that doesn’t flow.  Stasis is unnatural.  It is when we try to hold on or hold in that we create sickness.  Change and growth are essential to making full use of why we are here. Energetically we are undergoing transformation all the time.  Problems often date back to where there had been resistance to a major changing point it in our life, for example a mother letting go of a child.

I see there being three potential areas for change:

  1. Where change is necessary but it’s being denied - at this stage we may not even know what changes we need to make.

  2. Resistance to change - while it is still happening. 

  3. Where changes have taken place and this is still having a traumatic effect, a sort of ‘never been well since’.

Fifteen years ago I was drawn to a workshop by Steve Johnson of the Alaskan Essences.  By the end of the workshop, I had ordered the complete Alaskan Essence set and booked a consultation with Steve.  Since then, I have been on an inner journey which has transformed the way I live and work.  Change still happens, but I handle it very differently now and the results are always good, and sometimes quite surprising.  

The beauty of this is that as I prescribe these essences for others, it offers them an emotional safety net to support them in expressing and releasing whatever is preventing them from moving forward.  The work is a privilege and a joy.


Alaska is a land of extremes; an environment where a fifth of the country is permanently covered in ice.  For nine months of the year everything lies dormant.  By contrast, during the three summer months there is an explosion of plant activity.  Because of the short growing season the flowers have no choice but to be flexible and co-operate with one another.  They grow close together just above the ground - forming a kind of carpet - which minimises wind damage as well as keeping them warm.

Mirroring this process is the transformation of ice - a form of crystal which stores energy.  As the plants enter their intense growing season, Alaska’s many glaciers begin to melt.  This melting process releases negative ions - known to support and enhance our sense of wellbeing.  

Because of its environment, Alaskan energy is intensely cleansing and constantly challenging us to change.  This is especially relevant today where we are faced with ever evolving styles and paces of life.

  1. Purity and cleansing

  2. Flexibility and adaptation

  3. Transformation and transition

The Three-Part System of Alaskan Essences

The essences made in Alaska are from plants, minerals and the environment.  Using them together can help support the entire network of life on our planet.  Combining each of them can help support us with energy, structure and conscious awareness.  When we have the simultaneous, co-operative action of these three qualities supporting us, we are able to meet our life challenges in a graceful, efficient and integrated way.

FLOWER ESSENCES ~ Consciousness and awareness

GEM ELIXIRS ~ Structure, strength and stability

ENVIRONMENTAL ESSENCES ~ Energy and cleansing

So if someone has difficulties with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the three essences below may be beneficial

  • Single Delight grows in shady wooded areas throughout Alaska.  Its single white flowers look downward as if to illuminate all things below.  It indicates that light is always available even on the greyest of days.  

  • Orange Calcite amplifies the body's ability to assimilate light at a cellular level.  It is uplifting, energising and warming and helps to dispel darkness and grief; thus giving us the strength to adapt to change.

  • Solstice Sun contains the energy of the setting and rising sun which represents completion of the old and the beginning of the new.


I plan to write more about the way I combine some of these essences alongside my homeopathic prescriptions.  Please see my blog for more details. 

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