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Twinflower from the Alaskan Essences

Promotes balance in communication; helps us learn to listen and speak to others from a place of inner calm and focused neutrality.

During my career as a homeopath and lecturer, I’ve worked with some wonderful people.  Below are some of their websites (in alphabetical order).

Alaskan Essences 

Lots more information on my Essence page.  Coming from Alaska - beginning with ‘A’ it makes the top of my list!! 

Alison Lees Artist

An excellent homeopath and gifted artist.

Angie Jackson

Angie Jackson, co-founder of Healthlines (see below), has been practising and teaching homeopathy & Flower Essences for some 20 years.  She can be contacted through Healthlines.

Avani Yoga - Debbie Avani

My favourite ever yoga teacher - lots more information to come on my yoga page.   Her website has a wealth of information and well worth joining her community.

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths ~ ARH

A UK professional organisation that supports and promotes a high standard of safe, effective homeopathic practice.  A great website, full of informative reading, including a monthly newsletter that aims to provide the general public with a range of facts about homeopathy and general health matters which you are welcome to download.


Healthlines are passionate about all that they do.  They use, prescribe, teach and make flower essences.  They have recently introduced a beautiful set of essences from the Mediterranean.  Well worth a visit to their website.  

Helios Pharmacy

A great homeopathic pharmacy, provides good service and if ordered before 3pm remedies can be received the next day.

Hilery Dorrian

A wonderful homeopath and teacher of many years, working from her Garden Clinic in Lingfield, Surrey.  Hilery covers all aspects of health and her special interests are skin disease, endocrine disorders and developmental issues in children.

Katie Lee

A truly gifted homeopath and intuitive healer.  Katie's clinic is in Betchworth, Surry,  

Ian Watson

Former founder of the Lakeland College and now doing fantastic work with so many.  Ian’s work is now grounded in an understanding of the Three Principles of mind, thought and consciousness, uncovered by the late Sydney Banks. - such an inspiring man - well worth taking a look at his website.

Indigo Essences

Ann Callaghan, founder of the Indigo Essences does such wonderful work.  Her website is irresistible.  If you haven’t visited it, take a look.

Jane Bell

As well as spending the last 30 years of her life as a flower essence practitioner, Jane has also worked with Steve Johnson in researching, preparing and co-producing the Alaskan Essences.  She has now produced a wonderful set of essences from the Hawaiian Islands

Janice Everitt

An excellent homeopath with clinics in Epsom Surrey, Southfields SW19 and via Skype.

Jo Ketterman

Originally trained as an RGN and Registered Midwife, Jo now runs an excellent homeopathic practice at Laceys Yard in Chesham, Bucks.  01494 784364 

Lorraine Grayston

A truly gifted homeopath and shamanic practitioner.

Malgosia Zamolska-Settles

Great homeopath offering consultations in Parsons Green, near Fulham in South West London.

Marion Young

Meditation, deep relaxation, journey work, self-awareness courses & workshops.  Marion does some wonderful work.

St Michael’s Sanctuary

A beautiful place of healing, a heaven of deep peace, where the mind, heart and soul can find rest and stillness in its tranquil and nurturing energies. See also my consulting page.

Patricia Gidney

Not only is Patricia a homeopath but also an artist.  She painted my logo. Based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

Southern College of Homeopathy

An excellent homeopathic teaching college.  As well as training new students they also hold seminars and CPD days which are open to all homeopathic students and graduates.

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