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“To me homeopathy is about finding strength from within and achieving balanced health, not only physical but mental and emotional too”

30 years ago my pathway meandered towards this wonderful world of mind, body and spirit - how we are all connected. I trained to be a homeopath at the college of Homeopathy and qualified in 1997 after four years professional training.  Practitioner Development Training at the Lakeland College of Homeopathy followed.and all these years later I still love working with my patients, helping them as their journeys evolve.   I have also done extensive training with Steve Johnson of the Alaskan Flower Essences.  I find that combining these essences with homeopathic remedies is the most powerful medium for facilitating change.


During this time I decided to further my understanding of hormones - a subject that has always been of great interest.  I moved into lecturing, helping others to become homeopaths and this included teaching the anatomy and physiology of the endocrine system. It became a natural progression that my interest in the chakras should evolve. I brought them into every aspect of my life including the way I work and teach. I spent many years as a core teacher for the Lakeland College both in London and the Lake District.  I am currently a tutor at the Southern College of Homeopathy


It seemed more than just ‘fate’ that I should find yoga and the wonderful teacher - Debbie Avani who I have completed  yoga teacher training with.  I remember very early on during her course we discussed ‘OM’ and I knew then I had indeed found hOMe. My expectations by the end of the course were open, with no actual plans to teach yoga. I just knew this course was for me, to expand and deepen my knowledge of the yoga philosophy as well as deepen the work on my postures and flows. I began to link what I already knew and taught with what I was learning about the eight limbs of yoga - wow! My teaching broadened, and Debbie invited me to be a guest teacher on her course, to share my knowledge with both my fellow and future students. How amazing is that - to teach my passion!  

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